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Scheduling doesn’t have to be stressful.

A story of how we reimagined and built a solution to better manage our busy schedules.

To-do lists are broken

We were overwhelmed!

As productivity enthusiasts, we tried every possible solution in the market. But every time we lost motivation and moved on to the next tool. They were either too simple or too complex. And, soon enough, the long lists of tasks and endless number of subtasks became too much to look at. Does this sound familiar?

Organizing shouldn't take long

So we decided to reinvent the wheel.

To-do lists alone don't take duration into account – we need to estimate how long each task is going to take and schedule them into our days based on how much time we have available. Also, scheduling on the calendar is just not scalable! There had to be a better way, focused more on taking action and less on organization. We decided to reimagine the whole scenario to aim for a solution that's faster, more fun and more scalable.

We wanted to come up with a solution that was more natural. One that boosted our workflow, and didn't detract from it!

Hyper-Scheduling was born

Say good riddance to stress!

Hyper-scheduling is a foundational approach to add more focus to your day and minimize stress. The concept is simple: You have the flexibility to seamlessly adjust your plan as a team meeting goes over, or running an errand takes longer! Sorted³ empowers you to narrow down your focus to what you can get done at any given moment.

Benefits of Hyper-Scheduling

Sorted³ brings all the benefits of hyper-scheduling to your daily workflow across all your devices. Streamline how you go about scheduling your days, and make smooth adjustments as things come up during the day.


Seeing your tasks and events in a unified timeline makes it super easy to decide how to plan your day. It also makes your free time more transparent so you can enjoy winding down when you need to.


Scheduling doesn't have to be complex! Structuring your day can become a joyful routine if it only takes a few minutes a day.


A stale schedule doesn’t help adjust to changes we face in our modern lives. Being able to seamlessly shift your schedule around during the day enables you to focus more on getting things done.

Check out our blog for more on hyper-scheduling

Read more about the the benefits of hyper-scheduling to streamline the planning of your day.

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Explore the Blog ->

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