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The Hyper-Scheduling Advantage

The Hyper-Scheduling Advantage

The Hyper-Scheduling Advantage

Leo Tumwattana

Oct 8, 2020


Making a to-do list is the first step to understand what needs to get done. However, to create a reliable, scalable, and flexible workflow, things don't stop at the list-making step. You also need to acknowledge the limited number of hours on any given day to avoid piling up an unrealistic number of tasks.

A more practical approach is to estimate how long each task is going to take, and how much time you have available to help schedule them accordingly throughout your day.

There are several reasons why scheduling boosts your daily workflow. Here are a few of them:

Daily direction

Scheduling your day provides a foundation to base your day on. It serves as your daily game plan and boosts your awareness to ensure you're following your original plan as closely as possible.

More focus and clarity

When your tasks are properly scheduled alongside your calendar events, you know exactly the one thing you should be focused on at any given time. This allows you to focus and not have to worry about other things you could (or should) be doing instead.

It also adds more clarity to help you prioritize and naturally see what fits into your schedule (and what doesn't). You can decide what's truly important for you to achieve that day and what lower-priority items can wait for a later date.

Less stress

When it comes to planning our days, stress usually stems from 1) feeling disorganized and forgetting to do certain tasks, and/or 2) putting too much on your plate.

By taking the time to schedule each day, you're essentially preventing such issues from happening, leading to a more realistic plan that less overwhelming. It also enables you to go beyond just scheduling work-related stuff to ensure you can dedicate time to other important things in life.

The hyper-scheduling advantage

Hyper-scheduling is a foundational approach that complements the benefits of scheduling with speed, fun, and scalability. At its core, it brings 3 additional benefits to the scheduling process:


Scheduling is best done when you can view everything, namely your tasks, meetings and events together in one place (and not in isolation). A single timeline also makes your free time much more transparent so you can make the most of the down times.


By making scheduling joyful and effortless, hyper-scheduling removes the friction and complexity that often get in the way. Imagine the possibilities if scheduling your day only took a few minutes to do each day!


Our days rarely go as planned. Tasks take longer to finish, meetings go over, and events get postponed! Hyper-scheduling takes this unpredictability into account to make it seamless to adjust to changes we face in our modern lives.

Hyper-scheduling in Sorted³

Sorted³ is the only hyper-scheduler that combines all these benefits in an easy-to-use environment. To see the benefits of hyper-scheduling for yourself:

  1. Download Sorted³ for free on all your Apple devices (iOS / macOS)
  2. Connect as many of your calendars as you like
  3. Add tasks and their respective durations to each day
  4. Use Auto Schedule to effortlessly schedule your day
  5. When your plans change, use Magic Select and Time Ruler to flexibly make adjustments
  6. Check things off as you go through your day
  7. Shift what didn't get done to a different date
  8. Repeat
About the Author
The Hyper-Scheduling Advantage

Leo Tumwattana

🇭🇰 Hong Kong

Co-founder of Sorted. The disorganized creative type that created Sorted to stay organized. Lover of tech, ridiculously small keyboards, cameras, lights and lenses. Studied engineering, but loves the arts.

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