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Sorted³ PRO for Charity & Nonprofit

Access PRO for iOS only at around 20% off* and PRO for macOS only at around 10% off*, if you're currently a staff of a nonprofit organization👇




iOS Only 



macOS Only 



* Price may vary depending on App Store region and currency due to exchange rate,
the actual purchase price is based on the price you finally see on the "Get PRO" page

Here are the steps you will go through:

  • Submit the proof document
  • If qualified, you will get an email with the redeem code
  • Use the redeem code in Sorted³ by going to Settings > Get PRO > Redeem
  • Make the purchase to enjoy the discount on Sorted³ PRO
Submit ->
Submit ->

Thank you! We'll work directly with your institution to set this benefits program in motion.

We’ll get back to you once we have set up a system for your institution.

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