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How to plan your perfect vacation using Sorted

beach with a suitcase, and a plane in the background

Marwan Elwaraki

Aug 29, 2021

Beyond Work

Task management apps and hyper-scheduling are often used to help increase productivity. They have been tried and tested in this field, with many tips to make the most out of them.

Recent trends have seen pro users utilise such tools to streamline other aspects of their lives too. We’ve seen people use Sorted to organise their family life, build new habits, and exercise more frequently. As global travel recovers following the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve used Sorted to make the most out of our vacations this summer. In this post, we share some of the techniques we learned with you. Likewise, we’d love to hear from you if you used Sorted to plan your vacations too.

P.S. we’re interested in hearing how you use Sorted for aspects of your life other than work. Get in touch with us on Twitter or drop us an email to share your experience.

📝 Planning your trip

The first step of planning a trip often takes place months in advance when you start putting money aside for your vacation. Sorted’s advanced habit tracker can tailor to your needs, reminding you to put money aside every few weeks.

As you approach your holiday, you’ll need to prepare a list of things to do. This includes booking flights and accommodation, as well as perhaps applying for the appropriate visas. We’ve created a Siri Shortcut that’ll automatically add travel preparations to a list in Sorted to assist you with this. Check out the shortcut here!

(On a related note, we’re adding native Shortcuts support in the next few weeks, so expect us to share more shortcuts with you soon!)

An often forgotten step in holiday planning is to find ways to take care of things at home while you’re away. Perhaps you need someone to water your plants or take your dog out for a walk. If you use Sorted to schedule these tasks, you can look through your vacation time in the app as a reminder of what you’ll need help with while you’re gone. That’ll make you avoid the awkward “hey sorry I’m currently on vacation can you water my plants today”.

Of course, you may also want to plan some activities while you’re on holiday. Our Timeline View can give you an overview of how busy each day will be so that you can book activities in advance for emptier days.

✈️ The day of your trip

When travelling, you’ll need to present some documents before boarding your flight. This is even more relevant now with entry documents, PCR tests and vaccination certificates.

Add files to your events to sync across all your devices

You can use Sorted to attach photos and files to an event, allowing you to have all your documents at hand when making a trip. These files will sync across all your devices, making it possible to attach your documents using your Mac and then accessing them later on your iPhone.

You don’t need to look through different folders searching for documents. Instead, everything is right there with your flight event, so you can easily fetch them.

🏖 During your vacation

Whether you’re the kind of person that wants to plan every hour of their trip or the type that wants to go with the flow, having some structure can undoubtedly help streamline your vacation.

A good rule of thumb is to schedule one activity per day to make sure each day is unique. If you like to plan further, you can add several activities each day.

Sorted’s Time Ruler and Auto Schedule features help you quickly move tasks around, allowing you to plan your day while still maintaining the flexibility you may desire while on vacation. We found that these features help us hit the sweet spot between a very planned and a very spontaneous trip.

Use Auto Schedule to add flexibility to your spontaneous day

Finally, despite being on vacation, you may be working from “home” while abroad. You can use Sorted to schedule your work hours so that work and leisure remain separate. This will help you keep working when necessary without sabotaging your fun activities.

🤩 After your vacation

When returning to your home country, you will likely find yourself thinking back to your time on vacation. Indeed those summer activities are more fun than being back at home.

Having a timeline of what you did while abroad could help you remember how you spent your vacation, particularly when talking about it with your friends back in your home country. You can take a look at the History section in your Sorted app to see a recap of what you did while abroad!

These are our tips on using Sorted to make the most out of your vacation. Sorted can help you plan for your trip, make your check-in process more straightforward, schedule activities in your day, and help you recap your best moments when you’re back home.

We believe Sorted can help you beyond work, so we look forward to sharing more of these articles with you in the future. Make sure you follow us on Twitter to stay in touch.

About the Author
beach with a suitcase, and a plane in the background

Marwan Elwaraki

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Marwan is an iOS developer with a passion towards running, building great apps, and tweeting your favourite memes.

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