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Auto Schedule

Auto Schedule

Auto Schedule

Harry Ng

Dec 29, 2020

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Auto Schedule helps you put together a plan with just a few taps.

You can use the result as is or further tweak and refine using Magic Select and Time Ruler.

Here are a few simple steps to make the most of Auto Schedule:

1. Order your tasks

Simply, drag and drop items into the order you wish to do them in.

2. Start Auto Schedule

Tap Auto Schedule from the top right menu. Pick a start time, then tap next and then start.

Start Auto Schedule via the top right three dots menu.

And voila, a schedule appears that you can fine tune as needed.

For more control

If you need a little more control of what to schedule and what to leave alone, we’ve got you covered as well.

1. Select

Select only the items you wish Auto Schedule to touch.

2. Start Auto Schedule

Then select Auto Schedule from the bottom menu. Tap next then start.

Auto Schedule will always leave locked items such as events (that always starts off as locked) in place.


Lastly, if you would like to give yourself some breathing room between each scheduled task and event, you can specify the buffer value before pressing start. We’ll even remember your preference for the next Auto Schedule session.

About the Author
Auto Schedule

Harry Ng

🇭🇰 Hong Kong

Co-founder of Sorted. Digital Nomad. Travelling the world with the family. Lately, learning about photography.

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