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Sorted³ is now available for Mac (and forever free!)

Sorted³ is now available for Mac (and forever free!)

Sorted³ is now available for Mac (and forever free!)

Reza Saeedi

Dec 10, 2020

Product Updates

We've come a long way from when we released the first version of Sorted on the App Store back in 2017.

Little did we know the app we initially built to serve our own busy schedules, would resonate with so many others around the globe! We're so happy and grateful for that.

This initial positive feedback led us to redesign Sorted for an even better user experience. In 2018, Sorted³ was born.

Today, we're thrilled to share that Sorted has been downloaded by nearly 1 million users since its inception on the App Store.

Together with this milestone, we're excited to welcome a brand-new member to the Sorted³ product family:

🚀 Introducing Sorted³ for Mac

The much-anticipated Sorted³ for Mac is now available to download from the Mac App Store! The Mac App has been in the works for a while — We've gone through 3 product iterations to get to where we are today.

Since the early days, we considered the Mac App to be an essential component of the overall Sorted experience. This started with building a native Mac App back in 2016 (to complement the very first version of Sorted). After launching Sorted³, we shifted our focus back to a native Mac experience, before learning about iPad Apps for Mac (with code name Mac Catalyst) at WWDC 2019. The following October, we decided to develop Sorted³ using Mac Catalyst as a more viable and long-term solution.

Sorted³ for macOS is also built with Apple Silicon support and macOS Big Sur widgets.

On this huge milestone, we'd like to thank our loyal users who participated in our macOS (and iOS) beta programs. Without their ongoing feedback and encouragement, we would not have reached this point.

✅ A new, more reliable database

With this release, we're also migrating to a brand-new and more reliable database. There are a number of reasons behind this decision, and they all came down to providing more reliability, privacy and long-term stability for our users.

For one, the pre-existing database didn't fully support the macOS ecosystem. It also had some stability issues that resulted in taking up more device and iCloud storage. With this new database, our users can expect 75% decrease in storage usage capacity on average.

To ensure we were choosing the most viable option for the long run, we considered the popularity of each database alongside its philosophy to help our team write cleaner and more concise code. The new database provides a good foundation for feature parity and helps us focus on feature requests more nimbly in the future.

We chose to use iCloud to sync user data for two reasons:

Firstly, privacy. All user data is stored with Apple in a safe environment. They've assured us that not even their engineers can access user data. Secondly, user experience. Our users don't need to create any additional accounts and can use their existing iCloud account.

Together with this new database structure, we're also introducing Auto Backup to add an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for our users. This gives you the ability to go back in time and restore previous versions of items that you may have accidentally deleted.

📱 Sorted³ is now FREE!

To wrap up, we have one more exciting announcement to share!

With our goal to enable our users to maximize focus and reduce stress, our intention has been to expand our offering to more individuals around the world.

On top of that, we've also been frequently hearing from students about the role Sorted³ plays in their education. We're grateful for their excitement and wanted to take the right steps to ensure they are able to continue to use Sorted³ hassle-free.

Going forward, the app is free forever! As you start using the app, if you enjoy trying out the PRO features during the trial, we’d appreciate your support by getting Sorted³ PRO.

Please note that our current users who have already unlocked Sorted³ on iOS, will not be affected by this change and will automatically become PRO on the iOS platform.

💰 Sorted³ PRO on macOS is a separate purchase on the Mac App Store.

About the Author
Sorted³ is now available for Mac (and forever free!)

Reza Saeedi

🇨🇦 Canada

Reza leads all things marketing and partnerships at Sorted. He writes about startups, productivity and philosophy.

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